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Buy Local, Eat Local, Shop Local



2021 Hopkinton Farmers Market

Posted on May 30, 2021 at 6:55 AM

Contacts: Laura Davis

[email protected]





Opening Day Scheduled for Sunday, June 6, 2021


Hopkinton, MA, May 1, 2021 - The Hopkinton Farmers Market (HFM) will be back on the Hopkinton Town Common each Sunday from June 6th until October 10th from 1-5PM. Patrons are welcome to buy local, eat local, and shop local each week, with important health and safety protocols in place and approval from the Hopkinton Board of Health.


To keep all visitors and vendors at the market safe and healthy, everyone at the market will be required to wear a mask. Anyone who has forgotten to bring one will be provided one in order to enter. Hand sanitizer will be available at market entry points. Shoppers will be allowed to bring reusable bags with them from home. Sampling will still be prohibited, as will eating onsite.


Touchless transactions and credit cards are preferred, but cash transactions will also be accepted this season. For SNAP customers, the market will be continuing to offer the $10 incentive for $10 swiped from the Ebt card at the farmers market tent. In addition, two vegetable farms are authorized to offer SNAP and the Healthy Incentive Program (HIP) The Pumpkin Farm and Long Life Farm . For more information on the SNAP or HIP programs, visit


All of the market vendors have been trained in the safety precautions approved by the Hopkinton Board of Health and will be wearing masks. Market vendors for the 2021 season include: Angelhair Alpacas, Birchtree Bread Company, Long Life Farm, Simply Simple Farm; Woodville Maples; Boston Sword and Tuna; Kelly’s Farm; Nutty Bird Granola; Doris’ Peruvian Pastries; 3 Bees Protein Bites, The Fudge Lady and Sugargilly’s. We welcome our new vendors The Pumpkin Farm, Mrs. Marconi’s Ice Cream, Zen Bear Foods, Flats Mentor Farm, Ox Cart Farm, BeGrow, Red Crocus Nursery, Honey Nut Farm.


These vendors will provide a full range of items including: produce, fresh bread and baked goods; granola; chocolates; coffee beans; honey and maple syrup; traditional Italian pasta; handmade soaps; handmade fudge; fresh fish; and flowers.


Please visit the Hopkinton Farmers Market FaceBook page or website for more details. There you will find a full list of market vendors by week; additional information on the HIP benefit; pre-ordering opportunities; and the latest on health and safety protocols at the market.


The Hopkinton Farmers Market is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation made possible through the generous support of local businesses and individuals. The HFM is seeking additional sponsors for the 2021 season. Email the coordinators at [email protected] for a sponsor kit, or to make a one-time, tax-deductible donation.


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