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Buy Local, Eat Local, Shop Local

Read these wonder, short, sweet stories about our farms.

Thank you to Peggy Barton for her creative short stories.

Long Life Farm

Here in Hopkinton, run by the ever-intrepid Laura Davis and Donald Sutherland. A CSA farm, lazy-shares available, no work required! Always organic, now certified to prove.

Produce runs the gamut, king-kale, radishes, beets, luscious heirloom tomatoes, "a lot of vegetables!" quote spokesdaughters Mei and Li, who "sort of work at the farm". And what makes the vegetables so special? As the girls endorse- "They taste good!"

May they live long and prosper!

Kelly's Family Farm

Dick Kelly’s, to be precise, a local tradition for 77 years, at 146 Milford St. in Upton. Even the wooden display stands are original to yesteryear, just repainted, Kelly-green of course. A cornucopia of fruits and vegetables, using only low toxicity pest- management. The vibrant selection is “pretty good”, as understated by Alex Martin and Molly King, two happy employees. It wouldn’t be Upton without “Kelly’s”.